Refrigerator Temperature

Refrigerator Temperature

Your refrigerator’s temperature is very important for several reasons. First of all if we talk about the usage of refrigerators other than home use, they are used to store very costly and life saving drugs in hospitals and pharmacies. The specific temperature is the prior requirement to store these types of medicines. Temperature variance in the refrigerator for these medicines may be very harmful. So, desired refrigerator temperature is maintained by using special sensors and thermostatic switches.

Refrigerators used in large cold storage also need specific temperature. Otherwise very huge loss can be occurred. On the other hand, Refrigerators used in homes also need specific temperature for food preservation. Now a day, besides all other expensive items, food is also considered to be very necessary and expensive item of daily use. No one wants to waste it unnecessary.

We can reduce spoilage rate of foodstuff by maintaining suitable refrigerator temperature. Optimum temperature for consumable food storage is 3 to 5°C. Bacteria grow rapidly in such foodstuff which is not preserved in proper temperature causes harmful diseases.35 to 38°F is very suitable temperature to keep bacteria out of food as well as refrigerator. Temperature higher than this range can cause growth of bacteria and temperature lower than this range will cause the foodstuff to freeze. Although by freezing foodstuff, growth of bacteria can be stopped for long time, but the problem with frozen food is that the original flavor, taste, and freshness of food are lost. But when you freeze the foodstuff in the refrigerator, you should keep in mind that the food is preserved in an air tight jar so that it can be safe to expose in air.

The latest refrigerators are fitted with the electronic gauge. But also keep in mind that hot food in the refrigerators raise the refrigerator temperature. You should avoid it for the safety of other food items in your refrigerator. You can increase the efficiency of you refrigerator by maintaining proper temperature in it. You should also strictly avoid placing open containers in your refrigerators, because it causes the increase in the moisture level of refrigerator. An increase in the moisture level of refrigerator will force the compressor to work more. Therefore it will consume more energy to reach at the desired refrigerator temperature.

Proper defrosting of refrigerator is also very necessary to maintain the desired refrigerator temperature, because by the circulation of air, the moisture in the air accumulates on the cooling coils of refrigerator in the form of ice and when this layer of ice increase from certain limit then it work as heat insulator and it stops the proper heat transfer.

One thing that you also keep in mind is that you should try to overload your refrigerator with foodstuffs because it causes the refrigerator temperature to increase thus Efficiency of the compressor will be affected. To keep you foodstuff safe and preserve, you should monitor the temperature of your refrigerator and adjust the temperature control knob according to the weather. For colder season it can be adjusted to minimum level and in hottest season it should be set at the maximum.